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The Pearl Peligrina


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To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Cabasse has launched a new connected hi-fi Masterpiece, the quintessence of its acoustic know-how and its latest connected technologies: The PEARL PELEGRINA. 

As early as 2013 with the emergence of high-resolution dematerialised music, Cabasse positioned itself as a leader in the creation and development of connected speakers with the desire to offer a flagship system to the high-end connected audio market, in much the same way as its offering of the mythical SPHERE to the active speaker market in 2006. 

15 years later and to mark the brand’s 70th anniversary, Cabasse has finally unveiled THE PEARL PELEGRINA. This luxurious, modern, and compact system is the centerpiece of a connected speaker range that combines the very finest of Cabasse’s sound and technologies to deliver an exceptional listening experience with precision, purity, and unparalleled dynamic capacity. 

70 years of know-how. A new Masterpiece 

The arrival of THE PEARL PELEGRINA marks a key date in the history of Cabasse: its 70th anniversary. This 70-year adventure is a long and beautiful tale of a passion for music and acoustic expertise, but 

also, one of a brand that modernised and evolved to take advantage of the growing possibilities of digital technology to develop a range of high-end connected speakers. 

The Masterpiece of THE PEARL COLLECTION – the widest range of high-end connected speakers on the market – is known as THE PEARL PELEGRINA. It takes its name from a rare 55-carat pearl that was discovered in 1913 and dubbed « the Incomparable ». Each of the 70 speaker pairs will bear a numbered plaque in this exclusive series. 

Much like the SPHERE, THE PEARL PELEGRINA, will satisfy the most demanding music lovers, audiophiles who want the purest sounds, easy access to dematerialised digital music, and the latest technological innovations in order to experience the realism and the pleasure of sound in their homes, each and every day as if they were elbow to elbow with concert performers. Owners will also have the privilege of enjoying a rare and unique piece! 

The PEARL PELEGRINA combines and synthesises 70 years of the best Cabasse know-how: 

The best technologies: 

  • Its famous tri-coaxial speaker- The TCA present in THE SPHERE and Baltic V systems - comprising high, medium, and low-medium drivers 
  • Compact technologies: a sphere only 42cm in diameter capable of the highest level of performance 
  • The culmination of over 20 years of Cabasse’s signal processing research 
  • Evolving streaming technologies thanks to embedded software 
  • CRCS (automatic room correction system). Calibration via a speaker integrated microphone to enable sound optimisation according to the listening room

The best in high-resolution sound: 

  • Extreme dynamic capacity with a new 30 cm patented HELD driver amplified by 1850 WATTS RMS. 4 separate amplifiers totalling 3700 WATTS RMS per speaker power the first quadri-coaxial connected speaker featured in Cabasse’s catalogue. 
  • Ultimate precision/fidelity of timbre thanks to the TCA (tri-coaxial aramid driver) present in THE SPHERE that has been further improved by the latest DSP developments (Digital Signal Processing). Exceptional sound reproduction to experience total immersion in the heart of sound with very high precision and purity and an impressive dynamic capacity (134 dB: the equivalent noise level of aircraft at take-off). All the power and realism of a live performance in your living room! 

An extraordinarily designed limited-edition speaker to mark Cabasse’s 70th anniversary! 

THE PEARL PELEGRINA features exclusive materials and a luxurious finish to provide the ultimate immersive acoustic experience. 

The new Masterpiece also boasts an extraordinary design that was conceived and custom-built by the brand’s team in Brittany (North-Western France). It stands tall at almost 130cm with its sphere and base measuring 48cm in diameter. 

Brand connoisseurs will surely recognise the Lissajous curve stand, the famous figure named after the physicist who ‘made sound visible’, and the logo that has accompanied Cabasse since its inception. Like all speakers in THE PEARL COLLECTION, THE PEARL PELEGRINA features a custom cut polished-mirror metal band that circles its sphere to further enhance the many other details and lustrous finish that make this speaker a truly exclusive piece. 

These speakers, sold in pairs, were conceived, designed, and manufactured in France and each one has been tested with the greatest of care in Cabasse’s workshops. The electronics are invisible having been ultra-miniaturized and concealed in the base. Each pair bears numbered plates to identity this special limited edition. 70 pairs will be created to mark Cabasse’s 70 years of existence.