Cabasse Now Available in Australia



The first platform for purchasing music online was launched in 2001. Since then, the dematerialized music has exploded thanks to Deezer, Spotify and others. Nowadays, the vast majority of music is played from your computer or from online music websites. Cabasse was quick to realize that it needed to offer hi-fi sound for this dematerialized music. Cabasse Group (ex AwoX), the world leader in connectivity and a pioneer in DLNA technology and related software, soon set up an R&D partnership with Cabasse to combine its connective know-how with Cabasse’s audio acoustics and electronics technology. Consequently, AwoX’s acquisition of Cabasse in 2014 was simply the natural evolution of their close collaboration to create high-fidelity streaming solutions.

All the quality of the traditional Cabasse sound is now available in the world of streaming. This technical feat makes the quality of the brand’s high-fidelity speakers available for dematerialized music. The “Stream” range is a set of high-quality multi-room products. They combine all the brand’s emblematic technologies: 3-way coaxial speakers, surround sound, spherical satellites, a wireless connection as well as innovative and simple control via the dedicated StreamCONTROL app. The purity of design of Cabasse’s streaming products attests to the brands’ desire to blend in elegantly with modern interiors without compromising on listening quality. Cabasse’s technology is compatible with present and future high-resolution developments and offers a new home cinema and musical experience.