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SANTORIN 25 a powerful and compact subwoofer


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The Santorin 25 woofer is powerful and compact that easily integrates into any interior. It’s the ideal subwoofer for completing the iO3 system (for example) and for equipping a home cinema in a 50 m2 room. The vertical 360° down-firing driver offers punchy bass, full of nuance and depth. It’s now possible to place the subwoofer near walls and furniture with no acoustical compromise. It is available with a matt black or matt white finish and features two brushed aluminium rings that encircle cabinet.

The new Santorin 25 is the perfect subwoofer for audio systems that are discrete in size but impressive in performance.


The cellulose fiber membrane of the 25S20 woofer guarantees high power handling without deformation despite impressive sound pressure levels. Its light weight and good damping result in generous and fast bass. Combined with the 400W peak power of the TS200D amplifier, the dynamic effects of the Santorin 25 woofer are stunningly realistic, in music as well as in home cinema.

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